Magdelēna’s Quarter houses have been commissioned for operation


The first two of the Magdelēna’s Quarter houses in Antonijas street 17a have been commissioned for operation. The Main Contractor of the project was the construction company “Merks”, which implemented the ideas of the developer “Vastint Latvia” and “Didrihsons arhitekti”, considering the special building aesthetics of the district.  

“Upon completion of the construction works “blower door” tests were undertaken in the buildings to verify the air-tightness, thermal resistance and air leakage sites of the building. The test outcome factor was 3 times better than the applicable standard for A class buildings”, told the project manager of “Merks” Maksims Momots, “it means that the buildings in Magdelēna’s Quarter have been constructed in a high quality manner, they are well insulated and there will be no unexpected draughts or thermal losses”.

In total 116 premium quality apartments were constructed in the buildings, seven of which are the so called “live-work” premises, featuring working premises on the first floor and dwelling premises on the second floor. Separate commercial spaces have been built on the first floor as well. There are balconies and terraces on the south side of the buildings and there is a green courtyard with children’s playground and space for sporting activities, spread over almost 2000 m2 area in between the buildings. There is a closed parking lot constructed under the green garden for 73 cars and 114 storage premises for the needs of the apartment owners.