Construction company Merks is planning to develop a new real estate project in its Lucavsala land plot, right next to the shore of Daugava river, transforming this location into an active residential quarter.

The location is right next to Lucavsala recreational park with wake park, children’s playground and swimming places, where it is possible to both entertain children, as well as pursue various sports activities. There is also a boat launch site, grill and picnic sites, and small gardens nearby the land plot, where it will be possible for people to grow their own vegetables and greens. Shopping malls are located minutes away. Major streets and Island Bridge (Salu tilts) provide connection to quickly commute to other parts of the city with car, while newly built pedestrian and bike paths offer connection to the city centre.

This location offers closeness to nature, while still being in the city.

More detailed information about the project specifics and construction works to be announced at the launch of the project. If you are interested in this project, please leave your e-mail so that we can personally inform you about the launch.