Multifunctional centre “Great amber”Radio str 8, Liepaja

The multifunctional center “Lielais dzintars” is an internationally important object in both – architecture and in the construction industry. It is a concert hall and home for Liepaja Symphony Orchestra and Liepaja Music School. There is a Great Hall with 1080 seats and 128 places for choir, as well as a Chamber Hall with 200 spectators. The building project has been developed by an international group of authors, technical design solutions created in Austria and Latvia, attracting high-level experts from all over Europe. The Concert Hall concept is “egg-in-egg”, that is, the building has a supporting metal frame in which the other structure is installed. Such a solution was used in Latvia for the first time, requiring a high level of qualification from builders and designers.

The general contractor Merks team successfully organized works in a very limited area in the city center. The unique architecture required a very precise and complicated construction process, since there are only a few straight planes and lines in the building. To create the required geometry, a geodesist worked on the site every day, setting the position of the structures on the site. A specially assembled exterior façade, each of which has different shapes in the amber glass segment, gives the building a unique look at different angles of sunshine. The object has received international attention, because the builders were able to perfectly fulfill the architect’s original intention.

Liepāja City Council
Name of the project:
Multifunctional centre “Great amber”
Type of construction:
Education, culture, sports buildings
Folkers Gīnke, PS Giencke & Company – Latvija
Description of work:
New building
Radio str 8, Liepaja
Beginning of project:
Completion year: