Substation “Skrunda”“Jaunrobežnieki”, Raņķi, Skrunda, LV-3326

The newly constructed substation is a significant infrastructure object for Skrunda town and municipality. Up to now the main power supply object in Skrunda was Rudbārži substation, which continuously operated for 50 years, during which both – substation building and equipment installed therein were physically and morally out of date. The new 110/20 kV substation is built closer to Skrunda, in Raņķu Civil Parish, therefore it is closer to the centre of loads. With the construction of the substation “Skrunda” there is changed a disposition of a power network, increased admissible power network load and the length of average voltage 20kV overhead lines has been reduced for 23 km. The total length of the average voltage power network, connected to the substation, is 409 kilometres. From the new substation the power supply is provided for 4325 connections.

AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls”
Name of the project:
Substation “Skrunda”
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
SIA “K2 projekts”
Description of work:
New building
“Jaunrobežnieki”, Raņķi, Skrunda, LV-3326
Beginning of project:
Completion year: