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Free Cross-Country Ski Track “Merks Green Track” Opens in Zakusala, Riga

The construction company “Merks” has opened a free activity track “Merks Green Track” in Zakusala, Riga, which will serve as a cross-country ski track in winter and other seasonally appropriate activities in the rest of the year. Ski equipment rental will also be available on the new track.

“Merks Green Track” is located on one of the best “Merks” land plots in Riga – Zakusala –, and our team has dedicated a whole year to creating the track. This free cross-country ski track welcomes everyone – from beginners getting on skis for the first time to professional athletes representing the country at international level. It is not for nothing that Patricija Eiduka, Latvia’s strongest cross-country skier, was the first to try our track. Her great love for skiing since childhood has made Latvia’s name known all over the world. We are pleased to be able to use the territory of Zakusala owned by “Merks” in a friendly way, providing people with additional opportunities for active and high-quality recreation,” says Andris Bishmeistars, Member of the Board of “Merks”.

After skiing the track, the athlete Patricija Eiduka gave her approval and expressed her satisfaction that the snowy Latvian winter is richer by one quality recreation place. “Our climate is very suitable for enjoying the winter pleasures, so it’s great to see more and more opportunities to do so. The length and width of the Merks Green Track is suitable for both training and sporty family fun. I remember that my sport career started exactly like that – skiing with my brothers. It is my family that has led me on this path and motivated me to achieve good results, so I am really happy about the new ski track in Zakusala, where new champions can be raised,” says P. Eiduka.

Cross-country ski track is located at 11 Zaķusalas Street. The total length is 1.3 km, including the full length of the large lap and the 665 m small lap. The track is five metres wide and suitable for different types of skiing techniques. The track will be open throughout the day, and the area will be illuminated in the evening hours. From December 17th, “Burusports” will also offer ski equipment rental, where all skiers can rent the equipment they need at friendly prices.

According to Maris Birzulis, owner of the “Burusports” store chain, the company’s mission is to support a healthy and sporty lifestyle. “Water is our element, and it turns to snow in winter, so outdoor activities like skiing are very close to our hearts. Zakusala is a diamond in the rough, hidden in the very heart of Riga. The laps, terrain and configuration of the track are perfect for any skier. The track is neither too difficult nor too monotonous, so everyone will find something interesting here,” believes M. Birzulis.