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Construction of project “Skanstes houses” is successfully completed

We have handed into exploitation residential building „Multi-storey apartment building on 21 Grostonas Street, Riga”, therefore completing the Skanstes houses complex construction!

About residential building 21 Grostonas Street:
This is the third and final house of the project Skanstes houses. In total were built 125 apartments and 68 underground parking lots. The building is constructed of four blocks with different storey heights – from Skanstes Street the first block consist of 8 storeys, second block of 5 storeys, but other two blocks have 10 storeys.

About project Skanstes houses (multi-storey apartment buildings on 17, 19, 21 Grostonas Street, Riga)
The complex Skanstes houses consists of 3 buildings, totally of 271 apartments with addition parking lots and warehouse premises. All apartments are equipped with a balcony or a terrace.
Project construction time: 2012-2015.
Client and designer: SIA Merks