Commenced Reconstruction Works for Substation Ķegums HES-2


Construction company “Merks” has commenceds reconstruction works for substation “Ķeguma HES-2”. The agreement concluded with AS “Augstsprieguma tīkli” provides a gradient dismantling of existing 110 KV equipment, installing instead new, modern and environment friendly equipment.  

“In order to provide a continuity in the substation work, we will perform the reconstruction in three stages, gradually disconnecting the old equipment and connecting the new one. Therefore the reconstruction of the station will not affect the work of the relevant transmission network insignificantly and until 2020 the substation will be completely renovated,” says Edijs Balga, manager of the Power Engineering Department of  “Merks”.

Through this substation there is transferred the electricity, produced by hydroelectric power station “Ķegums HES-2”, to consumers. It is constructed 40 years ago, therefore now it’s time has expired physically and morally. A new substation will grant a safe and continuous electric power supply to the end users.

The total costs of the works to be performed are 2.5 million euro, including construction of new substation administration building and installation of control units.