The multifunctional real estate project Z-Towers is commissioned


The multifunctional real estate project Z-Towers is commissioned, it is the most exclusive apartments and office concept in Baltic States with 97 500 m2 wide premises class A offices, apartments and trade. This is the highest project in Riga which consists of two 30-storeys high round towers (123 m and 117 m), that are joined with a podium at the base.

The towers accommodate 336 residential apartments, class A offices with area of 10 000 m2. The project has high class finish with complex and individual solutions. Podium part of the project offers contemporary environment and modern infrastructure for the occupants of office and residential rooms, four-levels underground parking place for 700 cars, including the charge point for electric cars.

Complex uniqueness can be seen both in its architectonic aspect and in the choice of the offered services providing the occupants and visitors of this complex with the best experience. Z-Towers offer the option to ventilate the apartment in every storey of the tower that is uncharacteristic for skyscrapers, each of 30 storeys have panoramic windows, facades with high sound insulation and protection against UV light, fast lifts that are suitable for skyscrapers. The project is located in a strategically convenient place allowing it to be the seat for international and local companies of leading main industries.

The construction company “Merks” performed the construction of engineering systems and finishing and improvement works ensuring that it is ready for commissioning.