The cornerstone for the new kindergarten has been laid in Salaspils


Today, the cornerstone was laid for the new ,now the seventh, pre-school educational institution of Salaspils region, by embedding a so-called time capsule with a message for future generations in the foundations of the future building. Salaspils municipality signed an agreement on the construction of a kindergarten with the construction company “Merks” in October.

“Our most important task is to provide our children with excellent and diverse pre-school education opportunities now and in the future. No matter how complicated the current situation, insecurity and fears in society, we are aware that we will overcome it together. The start of construction of the seventh kindergarten is focused on the future – on our youngest generation,” says the message to future generations, which was affirmed by signatures of representatives of Salaspils County Council and management of SIA “Merks”. The message together with the latest issue of municipal informative publication “Salaspils Vēstis”, currently topical face mask and the county flag were placed in the time capsule laid in the foundations of new building.

The future pre-school educational institution will complement Salaspils education and sports cluster, which is already formed by both secondary schools, a swimming pool, a stadium and a sports house.

“There are still a lot of families in the region that want to educate their children in municipal kindergartens. The decision to build the seventh pre-school educational institution is a natural one, because Salaspils population is growing every year, and several hundred children are waiting in line for a place in a kindergarten. Our new kindergarten will provide such an opportunity for almost 300 children. Today we are laying the foundations for the future, because the future will come!” noted Raimonds Čudars, Chairman of the City Council.

Since the start of works in mid-October, the construction site has been cleaned and arranged, the ground under foundation slab of the future building has been replaced, water supply, rainwater and internal sewerage networks have been built, and the city gas distribution pipeline has been rebuilt.

The new Salaspils kindergarten will provide functionality corresponding to the modern lifestyle and will create an inspiring environment, following the best domestic and foreign examples.

Andris Bišmeistars, the member of the board of SIA “Merks”, emphasized that the kindergarten is not a modern project, but a project of the future. “We are glad that Salaspils County Council follows the world trends and implements a contemporary and sustainable kindergarten with energy efficiency class A, moreover, the object is a nearly zero-energy building. We want the kindergarten to have a positive impact on development of Salaspils children, because, as we know, children are our future. By investing in children’s development, we also invest in the development and education of society. May this object serve well for future generations! ” said Andris Bišmeistars, the Member of the Board of SIA “Merks”.

“May the new kindergarten stand on strong foundations! May the construction go smoothly and without a hitch! May the deadlines and the required quality be met! I wish it to everyone involved in this responsible work,” said R. Čudars embedding the time capsule.