Ventspils Secondary School of Music and Concert Hall “Latvia” have been commissioned


On 5th of June the State Construction Control Bureau signed the act on the acceptance for operation of the new Ventspils Secondary School of Music and Concert Hall “Latvia”. The design of the building was developed by the architect bureau “Haascookzemmrich Studio 2050”, represented by the German architect David Cook, and the construction works were performed by the association “Merks – Ostas celtnieks” that won the tender for the implementation of this extravagant and energy efficient object.

The building of the Ventspils Secondary School of Music with the concert hall function is unique due to the applied various innovative technical solutions, which ensure low energy consumption with minimum  emissions of greenhouse gases. For example, hundreds of meters long channels have been installed for the heating and cooling of air, using earth temperature. Ventilation system has been installed, where intensity is determined by the CO2 level in the room. Specially designed windows have been selected, opening of which switches off the ventilation function. The latest climate and time information systems, as well as lighting, blinds and other systems have been installed in the building.

Two unique musical instruments have been installed in the large hall of the new building, which has enough places to accommodate 600 spectators. The first of these instruments is manual concert organ, made by the company “Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH & Co. KG” in Germany, while the other is the currently biggest vertical concert piano in the world, which is made by the Latvian-born piano construction master Dāvids Kļaviņš in the company “Klavins Piano Manufaktura Kft” in Hungary. The small hall is made interesting by its transformable wall – opening of this wall allows using the hall as open-air stage.

Construction of the Ventspils Secondary School of Music was started in February 2017 and its total area is 6883 square meters. 76% of the premises are designed for school purposes, and nearly 500 music school students and 100 teachers will move into the new building.

The object was commissioned by the Ventspils city municipal institution “Komunālā pārvalde”.