“Merks” receives highest industry awards


Confirming its expertise and professionalism in implementing high quality residential projects, the construction company “Merks” has received two highest industry awards in the contest “Latvia’s Building of the Year 2018”.

In the first-ever “Innovations” category of the contest, the design of the project “Merks Viesturdāzs” was awarded with the highest acknowledgement. The design of the building at 25 Rūpniecības Street was done entirely using BIM tools. Viktors Šveics, BIM coordinator at “Merks”, project manager Agenese Trone  and leading architect Juris Jirgens all skillfully managed the design of the building’s architecture and all engineering networks in the BIM environment, resulting in significant benefits in terms of work precision, time consumption and cost estimation. The project “Merks Viesturdārzs” is already being implemented at the construction site, and the use of BIM offers various advantages also at this stage.

In the “New Residential Construction” category, the 1st place was awarded to the project “Magdelēnas kvartāls”. The construction of this site was carried out by the team of “Merks” project manager Maksims Momots, who, together with cooperation partners, implemented the ideas of the developers “Vastint Latvia” and “Didrihsons arhitekti”. A total of 116 high quality apartments, commercial areas, a large greened courtyard, playground, closed parking lot and storage facilities have been constructed in two buildings at 17a Antonijas Street. The project is located in the quiet centre of Riga and is designed in line with the specific building aesthetics. Throughout the entire project, special attention was paid to the quality of work and materials, which was also acknowledged by the jury of the contest “Latvia’s Building of the Year 2018”.

For more than 15 years, “Merks” has been constructing residential buildings in Latvia, and these industry awards reaffirm our skills and competence in delivering top quality housing projects. With each new project, the “Merks” team of professionals acquires and utilizes the industry’s latest innovations in both design and construction processes, enabling the creation of modern, energy-efficient and future-oriented housing – an environment for inspiration and development.