“Merks” as the first general constructor has been assessed with BIM basic competency


Building Industry Digitalization Association has assessed the company “Merks” experience and processes for working in the Building Information Modelling environment (BIM), assigning, as for the first of general constructors, the level of BIM basic competency.

Building information modelling becomes more significant for successful object designing, work scheduling, estimation and construction work performance, allowing significantly reduce design inaccuracies and save time and financial resources necessary for their elimination.  The company “Merks” partially started to apply BIM advantages already in construction process of a concert hall “Lielais Dzintars”, as well as in construction of kindergarten and school in Piņķi. Currently the company “Merks” uses 3G construction design models, provided by the Customer, for needs of organization of construction processes and quality control for the shopping centre “Akropole”. “Merks” BIM coordinator manages and controls construction project’s 3D modelling works for the company “Merks” real property design – residential building in Rūpniecības Street.

“Development of modern technologies allows to automatize many of designing operations, and we must use them!” says Viktors Šveics, “Merks” BIM coordinator, “Use of BIM provides different significant benefits – it allows to operatively identify problem areas in designs and easy communicate with all persons, involved in BIM team, in order to find the most optimal technical solutions, it allows to detect conflicts between design sections, which in 2D visualizations quite often are difficult to detect. Also BIM allows to control a content of a model and features assigned for every 3D element, including geometric dimensions, allows to directly acquire infallible construction volumes for estimation needs, as well as define job assignments for subcontractors and provide many other essential benefits.”

The target of the company “Merks” is to build an environment, which perfectly conforms with people and customer needs – moreover, not only current, but also the ones, which will be topical in future. “Merks” introduces and acquires new techniques and technologies, in order to promote the productivity and be able to find most efficient solutions for implementation of clients’ desires.