“Merks” employees receive the highest awards in the industry


Last night at a ceremony at VEF Culture Palace, 12 construction professionals received the highest industry award in the country the “Grand Prix of the Construction Industry 2020”. Two of these professionals are “Merks” colleagues Roberts Rēboks and Jānis Zilgme, who were recognized as the best “Project Managers of the Year” in the category “Engineer of the Year and Architect of the Year”. Helmuts Ritums, the responsible construction manager of Merks, received an ackowledgement.

The awards of the title “Engineer of the Year” and “Architect of the Year” were presented to the recipients by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Juris Pūce. The grand award ceremony of the construction industry is organized by the Latvian Union of Civil Engineers in cooperation with other professional non-governmental organizations. Materials submitted for the award were assessed and read by 46 evaluators.

Photo: archive of the award “Grand Prix of the Construction Industry”.