Book “Construction in Latvia 1918-2018” has been published


The book “Construction in Latvia 1918-2018” has been published in 2018 in three volumes with the support of “Merks”, where civil engineer with extensive professional experience Jānis Lancers has gathered information on major buildings, events and people who have formed and continue to form development of the Latvian building industry.  The book, which was made as tribute of the building industry, marking the centenary of Latvia, is a wonderful gift to the industry itself, allowing it to take pride in the accomplishments.

“Today “Merks” is constructing buildings, which encourage stepping out of the comfort zone and be the first ones in Latvia, who can build something like that. These are technically complex projects, which require specific knowledge, creative thinking and accumulated experience. However, experience is not gained in an empty spot – many people have worked before us, being the pioneers of their time, introducing new construction technologies and practices. We are truly honoured that we were able to support determination of Mr. Lancers and collect the most prominent names, buildings and events, which form the history of construction in Latvia, and we are proud to be among them”,   so says Oskars Ozoliņš, Chairman of the Board of “Merks”.

The book “Construction in Latvia” can be viewed as the first construction encyclopaedia in Latvia in terms of content and scope. The first volume includes information on the construction of major infrastructure and buildings, education of specialists and development of building science in Latvia until 1940; the second volume views activities of the industry during occupation, while the third final volume is focused on construction in Latvia after 1990.

210 copies of the book have been given to the National Library of Latvia, ensuring availability in the regions as well.