Highly appraised energy efficiency of “Merks Gaiļezera nami”


In the contest “Latvia’s Most Energy Efficient Building 2019” the project “Merks Gaiļezers nami” in Mežciems, Gailezera Street 15, got 2nd place in the category “Multiapartment Building – New Building”. The first-stage houses of the project were placed in service in 2018 and various modern solutions for high energy efficiency have been used in their construction and improvement.

The energy efficiency of the residential projects, which “Merks” has previously built and developed, have also been highly appraised – in 2018 project “Skanstes Parks” building at 12 Grostonas Street was awarded the 1st place in the energy efficiency competition, and, in 2015 project “Skanstes mājas” at 17 Grostonas Street was awarded the same.

“In our residential house projects, “Merks” always consider energy efficiency solutions very carefully. Any purchase of an apartment is associated with long-term plans, regardless of whether the owner will reside in the apartment, or if they will rent the place out. Therefore, all of these solutions must not grow old within a few years,” says Reinis Sproģis, Head of the Residentail Project Development Department in “Merks”. “We expect that the energy efficiency requirements, as well as the cost of the consumed energy, will continue to grow in the future, this is why “Merks” is currently investing more in its projects to ensure higher energy efficiency than it is required by the regulations, so these buildings could meet the growing demands in the future, would be economically beneficial to its residents  and ensure the quality of the living space.”

The house at Gailezera Street 15, just like the other buildings of “Merks Gaiļezers nami”, has 9 upper floors. The total area for the building is 3050 m2 , building area – 445 m2 , construction capacity – 10961 m3 . Outer walls are insulated with 210 mm rock wool, with special attention placed on the insulation of the building’s outer structures – the attic ceiling, basement, roof. Also many other solutions – outer doors, windows, balconies, ventilation systems – are designed to provide high energy efficiency and a comfortable environment in these premises. Many other features for reducing energy consumption are installed in the landscaped areas, for example, an energy-efficient lighting control system with timers and motion sensors.

The “Merks Gaiļezera nami” buildings have the centralized heat supply and heat regulation takes place in accordance with the temperature outside, but it can be adjusted individually in each apartment with the help of thermoregulators.  In accordance with the energy efficiency certificate data, the heat consumption of the building at 15 Gaiļezera Street is 49,49 kWh/m2 a year, but for hot water preparation – 8,95 kWh/m2 a year. The building corresponds to the B energy efficiency class.

Construction of the second stage of “Merks Gaiļezera nami” is currently underway, where 3 more apartment buildings with 2-4 room apartments, closed parking lots and storage rooms, children’s playgrounds and a well-maintained environment are being built on the shore of the lake Gailezers. The quality of the project, for both the selected materials, as well as the construction work carried out, is guaranteed by the construction company “Merks”, which is the project developer, builder and warranty provider as one entity. “Merks” is one of the most experienced real estate developers in Latvia, who house more than 1,500 families in the buldings they have built.