Construction company “Merks” is entrusted with the construction of “Lidl” logistics centre in Riga


Retail company “Lidl” and construction company “Merks” have concluded a contract on the construction of a new logistics centre in Riga, on Ulbrokas Street. The contract stipulates the construction of a 47 000 m2 logistics centre by investing 42.5 million euros plus value added tax.

Marius Kybartas, Chairman of the Board of SIA “Lidl Latvia”: “Today we are reaching major milestone, crucial for our development process for Latvia and Estonia. Together we are going to build logistics center that will use innovative heating and energy saving solutions, most advanced waste sorting systems and other advantages that will make this center one of the most modern buildings in the region. At the same time we promise that this logistic center will ensure best working conditions for our employees and quality and freshness for our customers”.

Oskars Ozoliņš, Chairman of the Board of SIA “Merks”: “Our goal is to build an environment for the growth and development of businesses, cities and the country itself. We are pleased to have won the tender, because the logistics centre is definitely a beginning for further growth of “Lidl” in Latvia. To achieve the best result, human talent and team work are of utmost importance, therefore the construction work of “Lild” will be lead by professionals with considerable experience in implementing complex designs. We will create an object that fully meets not only the needs that the Client has today, but that will become relevant tomorrow, since “Merks” buildings are sustainable and open to future development.”

The construction work of the logistics centre will be commenced this autumn and is expected to be completed in 2020.

Zigmunds Urtāns, Project Manager at SIA “Merks”, who is entrusted with the management of the construction work of the “Lidl” logistics centre: “Modern buildings are becoming more and more complex, new engineering solutions are being developed, and it is important to find and use the most effective ones in each specific design. Working in “Merks”, together with my colleagues I have led the construction of a very wide range of objects, from warehouses and a shopping centre to buildings in the historic centre of Riga, and I believe that this experience will help me to successfully manage the construction work of the “Lidl” logistics centre. The guiding principles of “Merks” for the successful implementation of the design remain the same: a trusted team of colleagues and professional cooperation partners with whom we find the most effective solutions to the Client’s wishes.”