“Merks” supports cross-country skier Patrīcija Eiduka


We at “Merks” believe that the talent is best improved by team efforts – learning from each other every day, sometimes competing and setting new goals together. This applies both to work and to sports.  That is why we have become supporter of the young Latvian cross-country skier Patrīcija Eiduka so that Patrīcija could continue her professional growth by training together with the strong Estonian skiing team  “Team Haanja”.

Patrīcija is the only Latvian distance skier, who has participated in the Winter Olympic Games at the young age of 18, when she performed in Pyeongchang in 2018. The young skier has successfully performed also at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, the 2017 World Cross-country Ski Championship in Lahti and the  2018 World Junior Championship, being placed 10th in the sprint. Patrīcija has accomplished this success through dedicated training in Latvia under the supervision of her father and trainer Ingus Eiduks.

“Thanks to the support of “Merks” now Patrīcija will be able to fully implement her training program together with the team  – to have regular training in highlands, to attend camps on snow, to train together with the best Estonian trainers and team athletes – it will definitely be worth it and help her professional growth,” so says Ingus Eiduks, father and trainer of Patrīcija.

“I am truly happy for this opportunity; the team accepted me very well! Although I am the only girl, my training companions are understanding and supportive” Patrīcija tells, “the entire team logistics is well organized, my trainings have become even more intense, I can ask my team members for advice and improve my weaknesses under the supervision of other trainers as well.”

This season Patrīcija has plans to show the best performance possible in the World Cup series in cross-country skiing. The first of these events will take place this Saturday in Finnish city Ruka, and within a week – in Norway, Lillehammer.

We will keep our fingers crossed and wish Patrīcija and her team a successful season!