New Members of the Council and Management Board of SIA “Merks” are confirmed


Jānis Šperbergs, the current Member of the Management Board of SIA “Merks” and construction director, is confirmed as the Member of the Council of the company, but his former deputy Andris Bišmeistars is confirmed as the Member of the Management Board of SIA “Merks” and construction director.

„We see that the contribution of “Merks” to total business volume of “Merko Ehitus” is increasing, besides our specific weight within the framework of the group increases materially – in 2017 Latvia made already one fourth of group’s total turnover and it is anticipated that this year it is going to be even more. We are satisfied that the shareholders of the groups have appreciated it and further Latvia will have its representative in company’s council – and it will be our most experienced colleague Jānis and not only the team of Latvia, but also group’s management trust on his opinion,” says Oskars Ozoliņš, Chairman of the Management Board of „Merks“, „At the same time I’m very satisfied about the new position of Andris because he also has grown inside our company, understanding completely the work culture of „Merks“, and during this year he has gradually familiarized and assumed the main job responsibilities of a construction director.”

Andris Bišmeistars has graduated Riga Technical University with a bachelor’s degree and engineer’s qualification in the construction and already during the 2nd study year has taken the first apprenticeship in “Merks”. In 2005 started working in “Merks” as the technician in the engineering department working with project documents. In 2008 he became the construction works manager, but in 2012 – the project manager. Andris has supervised such objects built by “Merks” as RTU Faculty of Energy and electrical engineering, the residential project “Low-rise residential buildings Dzintaru prospekts 26and 28, Jūrmala”, the residential project “Skanstes Parks” and multifunctional complex “Z-towers”, but in this January Andris joined management team of “Merks” as the deputy construction director.

Jānis Šperbergs works in „Merks“ team already 16 years – he started working in 2002, but in 2005 became the Member of the Management Board and Technical Director. Jānis has supervised the construction works of many largest objects of “Merks” in Latvia. Jānis has graduated Riga Polytechnical Institute (now – Riga Technical University). Approving the changes in the relevant registers, council of SIA “Merks” consists of the Chairman of the Council Andres Trink and Members of the Council Jānis Šperbergs, Tonu Toomik and Priit Rosimagi. But Management Board of SIA “Merks” consists of the Chairman of the Board Oskars Ozoliņš and Member of the Board Andris Bišmeistars.

SIA “Merks” is the group company of the Baltic construction market leader A/S “Merko Ehitus” that works in Latvia since 1996. During the 22 years of operation, “Merks” has constructed more than 120 different objects in Latvia, including public buildings, production buildings and engineering buildings, and more than 1000 apartments in several projects of residential buildings. Since 1997 shares of A/S “Merko Ehitus” group are listed in Tallinn Nasdaq exchange.