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A Time Capsule Immured in Merks Magnolijas – the Most Recent Merks’ Project

On Tuesday, July 19th a time capsule was immured in Merks Magnolijas – the most recent Merks’ project with a message for the next generations. The project is located in a quiet green area at Sampeteris, Skrines iela 6. In the first phase of the project two 3-storey buildings with 96 apartments will be built. Project completion is planned for the summer of 2023.

“This is a significant moment in the future development of Merks as Merks Magnolijas is our first residential building project in Pardaugava. This is a place where history meets the present and the city meets nature creating a successful interaction to ensure comfort for the future residents,” says Andris Bismeistars (Andris Bišmeistars), Board Member and Head of Construction at SIA Merks.

The capsule as a message to the future generations contains a specially woven bookmark with Latvian strength symbols to protect residents of the building and to bring them happiness, luck, and wisdom. It also contains a traditional banknote to bring wealth to the future residents of the building as well as a patriotic leaf lapel pin that symbolizes the green surroundings and sustainability of the project. 

“Sampeteris area stands out with neatly designed private houses and low-rise buildings. That’s why buildings in the Merks Magnolijas project were created so as to fit into the surroundings perfectly and make the future residents feel like they live in a private house while [living] in an apartment. Project construction is moving at a fast pace with the new apartment owners expected to move in here within the next year,” says Mikus Freimanis, Head of Real Estate Development at SIA Merks.

“The building and complex project has its own philosophy. It’s lightness and sophistication through simplicity. It’s a complete opposite of what people are used to seeing when they think about an apartment building – “multi-storey apartment building…”. The number of apartments is sufficient, while the number of storeys – minimal to keep the sense of being down-to-earth and in nature. It’s a humane urban scale with all the components necessary for a modern life. It’s an apartment building architecture that we as architects and project authors would wish anyone living in the city,” says Juris Berzins (Juris Bēziņš), Board Member of AS PALAST ARCHITEKTS.

As already reported Merks construction company is responding to buyers’ needs and wishes by expanding its offer of residential buildings to the left bank of the Daugava River – the picturesque Sampeteris area. At the moment apartments located in the first building of the 1st phase of the project – 48 two to four-room apartments at the initial price from 114,000 euro – are available for reservation.

Merks Magnolijas apartments will be available with full quality interior finish. 2.90 m high ceilings as well as balconies or private terraces with an area of up to 11.8 m2 featured in every apartment will give a sense of spaciousness. There will be special common areas for strollers on the ground floor. The project area will be closed and fitted with surveillance systems for the sake of convenience and safety of its residents. There will be a modern playground for children and a recreation area for parents by the water right next to it. The project will also offer outside parking spots for sale.