Multifunctional centre Lielais DzintarsRadio str 8, Liepaja

The Lielais Dzintars multifunctional centre will become the new home of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra. The project is to be implemented between 1 August 2013 and the expected commissioning date of the site, 1 August 2015. The use of the concert hall will not be limited to classical music concerts; dance events and corporate celebrations, as well as rock and pop concerts, could also be held there. The design of the Liepāja concert hall was developed by an international team; the technical solutions of the design were also developed in Austria and Latvia, involving various top experts from all over Europe. The expert opinion shows that the solutions used for this concert hall are the most advanced in Europe. The concept of the concert hall involves a so-called “egg within an egg”, with the concert hall designed as a suspended structure attached to the entire framework of the building and the bearing framework being made of structure steel framing, creating the impression that one building has been inserted into another. This solution is to be used in Latvia for the first time, thus being a challenge for builders and structure manufacturers alike.

Liepāja City Council
Name of the project:
Multifunctional centre Lielais Dzintars
Type of construction:
Education, culture, sports buildings
Folkers Gīnke, PS Giencke & Company – Latvija
Description of work:
New building
Radio str 8, Liepaja
Beginning of project:
Completion year: